Open Letter to the International Labor Organization


In protest against the attending of the representatives of the Islamic regime of Iran to the annual summit of ILO

ILO’s annual summit in June 2017, as in previous years, is going to be held with representatives of the capitalists and their governments. Without any illusions about the task and goals of ILO in probe of capitalism’s hegemony and its effort for reconciliation between labor and capital, once again as our duty to the public opinion and the ILO meeting we declare that the team of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the summit is shaped of representatives of capitalism not labors. The real delegation of Iranian workers is suppressed in Iran, put in jail and not allowed to be organized. This governmental delegation has a duty to provide false reports of inhumane conditions prevailing in the Iran and to defend the Iranian government to gain international legitimacy.

The real representatives of labor class in Iran are being expelled, suppressed and sentenced to prison and death in Iran. While any activities to establish independent labor organizations are suppressed brutally, speaking of representatives of workers by ILO is an insult to the working class and public opinion worldwide.

ILo's archives are filled with false reports from the Islamic regime of Iran to get more support of ILO. The Regime's delegation is anti-labor and is the element of suppressive system. The delegation dispatched from Iran, in fact, follows the interests of the capitalists and their government to secure unilateralism of capital. Iran's mission to ILO seeks the oppressive class policies and presents fake reports. ILO helps the Iranian regime to promote its will in exploiting the labor class. Islamic regime of Iran uses ILO’s panel under the name of workers' representatives attending the Geneva meeting.

The agents under the name of workers' representatives attending the Geneva meeting are from state organizations such as Workers’ House and the Islamic Labor Councils who have nothing to do with Iranian workers. Islamic councils are headed by agents of the Islamic state like Mahjoub as the ideological arms of government who are enjoying the facilities and cooperation of ILO in Geneva. Those who are deployed in the name of workers' representatives to the summit not only don’t support workers’ rights and the working class, but also include governmental officials and are enemies of the workers. They come to deprive workers of their basic rights, covering the ban on independent workers' right to organize, the right to strike, the right to collective labor contracts, to cover the injustices of ongoing gender apartheid, slavery, apartheid, ethnic apartheid, child labor, oppressions and slavery of migrant workers specially from Afghanistan. You are well aware of all the violations of ILO’s Conventions by the Islamic Republic of Iran. These assassins are dispatched by well-known agents such as Alireza Mahjoub.

We are convinced that ILO is aware of deadly working conditions, labor regulations that only favor capitalists and non-payment and delayed payment of wages by employers, government and semi-governmental capitalists (paramilitaries) for months and years. There are many working centers that are owned by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and where Iranian workers’ lose their lives easily due to the capitalists’ negligence and lack of the most basic safety standards such as the coal mine in the city of Yurt Azar in northern Iran where at least 44 workers lost their lives in May to become victims of capital. These miners were not insured, had not received their wages for months even though had been working for sixteen hours a day and in the end were all died in the mine that lacked the most basic security standards and procedures. Every day we witness numerous strikes and labor protests around the country which are reported by state media ILNA as over 1200 protests last year, something that must have been noticed by these officers that are dispatched to the ILo. The Islamic Republic of Iran violates all the fundamental conventions of ILO on a daily basis including conventions No. 111 and No.87 that all countries have to implement. Some government officials in Iran admit that more than 90 per cent of workers are being brought into slavery without permanent contracts and without the slightest support from the labor law. This means that less than ten percent of workers in Iran have a permanent job contract and these are also exploited in the most inhuman ways in an effort to attract capital investments.

We a group of Iranian labor and political activists in exile, without having any illusion about "tripartism", see it our duty and responsibility to reflect the demands and protest of workers in Iran and hereby and by participating in and supporting workers protests we try to re-echo their protests and voice for justice.

A group of workers and political activists in exile (Iran( in Stockholm)- Communist Party of Iran

Abbas Mansouran
Abbas Gavili
Mehri Hosieni
Ahmad Khorshidi
Sedighe Mohammadi
Amir Kolah ghochi
Ahmad Aziz pour
Jalal Mohamed Nejad
Adib Vatandoust
Akhtar Kamangar
Mohammed Nabavi
Esmail GHahremani
Shahin Vatandoust
Akbar Rahimi
Mahmood Ghahremani
Hamid Froutan
Shamsi Khorami
Rasoul Hassan Pour
Ahmad Nikjou
Mohammed Hamidi
Rounak Ashnagar
Naser Taheri
Hassan Kake vandi
Naser Nasimi
Mozafer Pak seresht
Adel Eliasi
Soraya Fatahi
Faride Rezaie
Halmat Ahmadian
Shouresh Moulaie
Isa Jamshidi
Ebrahim Amiri
Ebrahim Ahmadian
Farast Salehi
Monaf Ganji
Rakhshande Bolouri
Solieman Amin zadeh
Woria Moradi
Tala Samadi
Younes khali Aghaie
Hajir Nina